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Don’t take the risk! The Importance of using licenced contractors on your next project

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Whether you are about to hire someone to mow your lawns, or re-design your backyard or you are a builder that needs a site clean up, you need to wise up with protecting yourself.

Have you ever wanted to ‘cut corners’ to save time and money? Let’s face it, we’ve all tried to.

Sites like air tasker and appealing advertisements on social media where businesses can save you money and time are all too common.

However, how many contractors have you hired in the past that may have been uninsured, unlicensed or their licence was due to expire? This is not a risk worth taking, because accidents unfortunately happen. Regardless of how competent and careful businesses can be, the unexpected can and WILL happen. If something does happen, you will be liable for the damages.

What's the big deal, really?

Here are the hard cold facts about what can happen if your contractor/someone you hire to carry out a project in your home or work site: 1. You’ll end up footing the bill for any property damage that happens. If they become hurt or injured, you’ll also be footing the bill!

2. Poor quality of work – if they don’t hold the necessary licences and insurances, chances are they don’t feel obliged to carry out above standard work

3. Zero protection – unlicensed and uninsured contractors won’t have the necessary contracts and documentation to protect you and them when something goes wrong – who will you call, when their business is unlicensed or worse, doesn’t exist?

When On Time Group have entered into new projects, we have often been there to ‘fix’ major issues that unlicensed and uninsured contractors have damaged or not completed. We hear this all too often and it is a disturbing reality how frequently this happens.

Remember, having your contactor with the correct licence and insurance suggests they are professional, have taken the time to adhere to laws, procedures and are committed to their job.

On Time Group are full licenced and insured to carry out the jobs that are skilled up to do. We are proud to do all things above board.

Call Brett and his team on 1300 567 567

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