a clean slate on site



One of our specialties is working alongside Sydney Builders offering a unique 5 stage cleaning process to ensure your site is able to operate in a safe manner and is easily accessible to all contractors.

We have worked really hard in establishing a process that ensures waste that is able to be recycled is and having a great relationship with recycling centres to dispose of all other waste ethically appropriately.

Our highest priority is Safety. Which is why we utilise I Auditor on every site. This tool enables us to access each site and maintain a level of safety not only for our Team but for other contractors that could potentially be working on your site. The I Auditor reports are able to be sent to your site supervisor at their request.

Here at On Time we understand that not every site is the same, not every build is the same and certainly not every situation is the same. Which is why we are happy to work alongside you in establishing a clean system at various stages, whether that is 3,4,5,6,7 or even 8 to co-inside with your needs.