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  • How long after my driveway is poured can I drive on it?
    You are able to drive a car on your driveway 7 days after it has been poured.
  • How frequently should I be watering my new turf?
    Twice a day/everyday for the first week and once a day there after for 4 weeks. Ensuring you are complying with current NSW water restrictions.
  • How do I get a landscaping quote?
    Contact us via email or phone, provide your best contact information (full name, address of site, phone number, email address), what landscaping you are after, email through your site plan (if you have one) and/or landscape plan (if you have one), we will be in contact with you within a week to organise an onsite measure and you will receive a quote via email.
  • How frequently should I get my gutters cleaned?
    6monthly if you have tree’s surrounding your property. Yearly if there aren’t that many trees.
  • Do you offer a regular lawn and garden maintenance plan?
    Yes we do. We offer weekly/fortnightly or monthly regular services.
  • Do you offer a ride on lawn mowing service?
    Yes we do ride on mowing from the size of an average house to acreage properties or large industrial sites.
  • What types of fencing do you offer?
    We do both Colourbond and Timber fencing. Depending on your location depicts what fencing you may require, as certain new estates require certain fencing to be carried throughout. We can also do custom side gates in the required material.
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